5 Most common reasons for the failure of fitness plans

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Even if you start a new fitness regimen with the best intentions, there are some factors that can prohibit you from attaining success. Recognize the factors that often hamper the quest for fitness, and do your best to avoid the mistakes that most people make. Below are five of the most common reasons for the failure of fitness plans.

  1. Crash Exercising – You’re feeling on fire; you exercise morning, noon, and night.  While exercising is good, too much exercise can be a recipe for disaster.  Is it going to be feasible for you to keep this up for a long time?  If not, you may burn out too quickly.  It’s better to start out with realistic plans; remember this is a marathon, not a sprint!
  2. Hitting a Plateau – In the first few weeks, you saw rapid weight loss, but after a few weeks, you’ve started to lose weight at a slower rate, and maybe you haven’t even seen any change in some weeks.  This can be discouraging, causing you to abandon your workout all together.  Instead, realize that it’s normal to experience a lot of weight loss in the beginning, and then to start leveling out.  However, when you stop seeing any change, it’s time to change up your routine.  Push yourself a little bit harder at the gym or do something new to reach the next level.  In one particular case, a woman peaked after losing 20 pounds, but still needed to shed 110 more.  While still continuing her exercising and new eating habits, she opted for gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico, to help her overcome the plateau.
  3. Not Making Time – Losing weight takes time and effort.  Many people who don’t see results don’t put the required effort.  Treat your gym time like appointments you can’t skip. In order to see the results, it is important that you set a schedule and stick to it.
  4. “Rewarding” Yourself with food after every workout – Once I was at a sandwich shop watching a woman pour the mayonnaise on like it was going out of style.  I jokingly said to her, “Wow! That’s a lot of mayo!” She said, “When you workout you get to treat yourself!” In order to see results you need to have a calorie deficit; something which is hard to do if you are putting junk in your body right after you’ve worked out. Treating yourself with an occasional dessert is fine, but “rewarding” yourself after every workout only makes all your hard work null and void.  You’ll never see results like this!
  5. Setting Unrealistic Goals – Lastly, many people fail to be successful in their fitness plans because they set unrealistic goals.  A friend of aimed at losing 100 pounds within six months; that’s more than 16 pounds a month! This is not only an unhealthy way to lose weight, but it will kill your motivation if you don’t see yourself shedding so much weight as per your plans.  In the case of my friend, after trying and failing to reach her initial goals, she set more realistic goals.  She became determined to lose 100 pounds in 18 months and started her journey with the help of gastric sleeve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which got a major part of the job done in one go.

Before you start your fitness journey, think about these common mistakes that could stand in the way of your goal.  Set realistic expectations and devise a plan to help you reach your goals in a timely manner.

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