7 Perfect Gifts for Men Under $25

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The holidays seem to creep up on us earlier and earlier each year, and it’s never too early to start shopping for the toughest recipients on your list: the men in your life. Why are guys so hard to shop for? It could be that if they like something, they usually buy it, or it could be that some guys just don’t like having a big fuss made over them. Add in the fact that many budgets are tight this year and will undoubtedly be even more so by the time the holidays roll around, and you have a Herculean task on your hands.

Don’t fret – there are both tried and true as well as totally unique gifts that are budget-friendly and sure to make the special man in your life smile, whether he’s your dad, husband, boyfriend, boss or brother. Here are seven great gifts for guys that are around or under $25.

Set of shatterproof glasses

Perfect for guy’s nights in, wine, cocktail or highball glasses in shatterproof plastic or polymer mean that he can still look sophisticated without worrying about breaking the fine crystal. Look for high end designs by manufacturers like Govino – a set of four starts just under $13.

A cool graphic tee

Unless your guy is never seen out of a suit and tie, a stylish and relevant graphic t-shirt can be the perfect heartfelt and practical gift. Look for something that is soft, well-made and that has a graphic that is somehow applicable to him or holds a certain meaning – for example, a shirt that is printed with your pet nickname for him. This may require some serious shopping around, but his appreciation will make it well worth it.

Gourmet snacks

Whether he’s a discriminating foodie or an all-consuming gourmand, gourmet snacks or edible gift sets can make for great and inexpensive gifts. Consider buying from a local artisan food producer, especially if your gift recipient does not live in your area. For guys who love something new and unusual, try something more unique and adventurous.

Men’s stainless steel rings and jewelry

Somewhat surprisingly, men can love jewelry gifts! Men’s stainless steel rings and jewelry are ideal accessory choices for several reasons: they’re inexpensive, tough and durable as well as hypoallergenic. Even high quality 316L men’s stainless steel rings can start in the very low double digits, and the popularity of the material means that there are a variety of styles, designs and colors to choose from. Obviously, if you are in a non-married romantic relationship, you may want to avoid men’s stainless steel rings that appear to resemble wedding bands too closely.

A “custom” travel or shave kit

 Sometimes a well curated set of basic necessities can make for a much appreciated gift. While toiletries may not sound like the most alluring of presents, they can be when carefully hand-selected. Spend the bulk of your gift money on a nice holding case in a higher quality material like leather, and then choose some basics that you either know he loves or needs. Travel sized items can easily be purchased online, and especially good deals on even higher end brands can be found on sites like EBay.

Panini press

For the guy who loves to eat but can’t cook to save his life, a panini press can instantly double his repertoire. And what man doesn’t love a hot sandwich on a cold winter’s night? There are several brands of well-reviewed and sleek in appearance panini presses for just around $25, like the Sensio Bella Cucina.

Vintage movie poster

 Does he have a favorite movie that he quotes all the time, as well as a largely undecorated living area? Bingo! Chances are there are plenty of interesting posters for his favorite film that aren’t just the standard ones issued by the film studio. Foreign versions can be particularly interesting and unique, and if you have a little extra money on hand, you can frame and mat it for him.

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