Bicycle Insurance: A Must for One And All

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A Bicycle is the only means of transport which is driven by everyone from a toddler to an overgrown adult. A bicycle is defined as a means of transport which is made up of a frame comprising of front and rear wheels, a handle and is pedal driven. The person who rides a bicycle is termed as a cyclist. Bicycles since their advent have been the prime mode of transportation among the human beings. An average bicycle is not only used as a toy for the growing children but also as a major vehicle in many services and applications. Bicycle however has undergone numerous changes in its basic frame ever since it was first developed in the late 19th century. Now the bicycles are upgraded as per the technological advances and come in numerous shapes sizes and colors studded with numerous technologies as per needed. Not only this, the bicycles can be easily customized as per the choice of the rider. Gone are the days when we just had simple and cheap bicycles that were easily affordable by all. Today, there are so many expensive, stylish and fast bicycles available in the market that can really make you crazy. But getting your loving and expensive bicycle damaged or lost is really a high risk and a great loss and thus, one need bicycle insurance so as to have a cover.

Why take Bicycle Insurance?

Bicycle is undoubtedly the most popular vehicle since centuries. The popularity of this vehicle is an outcome of the numerous advantages it brings along. Some of the advantages of owning a bicycle are as follows. Firstly, a bicycle is an environment friendly vehicle. Unlike all the other vehicles, a bicycle does not run on any fuel leading to zero pollution which is a great boon for the environment. Secondly, the bicycle not requiring any fuel to run makes the rider save loads of money which is not possible in the case of other vehicles. The price of fuel is experiencing new heights everyday which makes the bicycle the most affordable means of transport for the common man. Thirdly, the cost of maintenance of a bicycle is zero. The oiling of the brakes is almost negligible in cost and has to be done hardly twice a year. Fourthly, riding a bicycle is one of the best cardio vascular exercises which make a person keep fit. Most of the celebrities have made way to cycling to keep themselves fit and build more stamina. Besides this, a bicycle can be easily taken from one place to another as it can be easily folded and carried with the luggage unlike the heavy vehicles and there are no parking problems as far as the bicycle is concerned.

A bicycle is a means of transport which can make a person cut through the traffic easily, discover nature at its best and feel connected to the environment. A bicycle is not only cost effective but also the best means of transport for travelling short distances. However, it is necessary to get a bicycle insured, as insurance is the best security measure in the case of theft or damage to the bicycle. Not only this, many of the insurance policies provide huge discounts on bicycle accessories and free second insurances if any. Hence, it is a must to get a bicycle insured in this era where each and everything is at its all-time high price and losing any of it is not affordable by a common man.

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