Do you know the Amazing Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea?

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It’s a fact that tea is one of the most important beverages of this world. Today every country has its varieties of tea, and one of the most amazing one amongst them is Rooibos tea from PersimmonTreeTea. This tea is made from a Aspalathus Linearis (rare red bush plant), which is actually a member of legume family that grows in the South African area. In fact, first rooibos was harvest by the local Khoisan tribe for medicinal purposes and the taste of the herb was great, and most of the people take this tea without adding milk or sugar, because it tastes sweet!

In the late 1970’s, one Annique Theron of South Africa published a book about various benefits of the tea. This made rooibos a highly popular tea in this part of the world, as people wanted to benefit from its medicinal properties. There has been great increase in the demand for this tea and now it is being used in various parts of the world, including the US. In fact, you can also find Sencha tea on click to see more here all stores that sell rooibos leaves tea.

Many popular variants are available and are also being presented in the style of espresso. This has led to the popularity of rooibos based variations of numerous coffee drinks, such as red cappuccino, or red lattes. Many people love using rooibos steeped in vanilla syrup flavored steamed milk. Aside from taste, people also drink this tea for health, as green and black tea, mainly because rooibos leaves tea contains large amounts of anti-oxidants than any other tea. In fact, a recent research has established that rooibos leaves tea has more than 30-40 percent more antioxidants that the usual black tea. Regular intake of this tea helps in reducing the effects of aging, and it also helps in boosting the immune system. In fact, in Asian cultures, rooibos leaves tea is referred to as “long life” tea.

The reddish tea that you get from rooibos is not only big booster for your health, but is also a fountain of youth. It has tons of phenolic compounds such as flavanones, flavanols, and dihydrochalcones. Due to its spasmodic contents, it is best for relieving colic in kids, and also resolves stomach cramps, nausea, constipation and ulcers. In a recent research, Japanese scientists have found that rooibos leaves tea is best for treating acne as it has high amounts of zine, hydroxyl acid and superoxide dismutase.

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