Essential Accessories for the Fall/Winter Season

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The autumn/winter 2012 collections are here and boy, are they strange. From ‘Blockbuster’ Coats that combine different patterns or even different materials in the same item or add zip up hoods and frock tails have all been the centerpieces of collections that designers presented this fall.  Add to that the inexplicable staying power of sweaters, cardigans and blazers in outrageous patters ranging from plaid to paisley and we can truly say that we have a mystery on our hands this year. The biggest mystery however is what to match these strange clothes with. Here are some of our picks for this winter.


While wearing a scarf in summer is over the top and hipsterish, wearing one in winter is necessary and can make you look really good. Yet with the over the top cuts and patterns that casual couture clothing is bound to push this season what you’ll need is a good old fashioned simple scarf. Two color, three at most, preferably navy blue or darker to go well with the plethora of olive, military-inspired clothes that will likely comprise a significant micro-trend this year. If you want to look good and feel good at the same time, try a cashmere scarf. If you want to raise eyebrows when you enter a room try a leather-backed one instead. And speaking of leather…

Leather Accessories

Leather is big this year. So big that it has been present in just about every haute couture collection in one way or another. While pleather sleeves for your ‘blockbuster’ coat like some designers fielded might be a bit hard to pull off you can always try to incorporate leather in your wardrobe in other ways. Leather jackets are making a comeback and leather messenger bags are perfect for your tablet and trendier than ever. The best things to come out this year, however, are leather and pleather gloves that you can text with like this pair from Kenneth Cole.


This year is bound to be a good one for hats of all shapes and sizes. Faux fur is getting big again so if you think that you can swing the Kanye West look you should try a Russian-style Faux Fur Carver Hat on for size. Otherwise you can always try a deerstalker hat, a newsboy or even, dare we suggest… a beret! Regardless of what your pick is you can’t go wrong with a hat this autumn.

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