Getting to Know Swarovski Crystals

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Know some basic information about Swarovski crystals as well as its brief history – this will surely help assist you when deciding on jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

Many of us have been fascinated and drawn to what a lot of high fashion magazines call the Swarovski crystals. So for this blog, we’ll go ahead and learn more about it. Is it the type of crystal that is mined from the depths of the earth? What is its difference form a diamond? And so on.

First, let’s look at what a Swarovski crystal is and a little bit of its humble beginnings.

The company is founded by Daniel Swarovski who had learned the art of glass cutting from his father who owned a small glass cutting factory where Daniel was an apprentice. It is safe to say that we very interested and fascinated with the job that he was able to invent a glass cutting machine.

From then on, Swarovski has little by little has been able to establish its name as the ultimate brand name for an array of precisely and exquisitely cut crystal glass. Yes, you have heard it right, it is glass and crystal is like a subcategory of glass and not all glasses can be considered as crystal. It is not something that naturally occurs in the earth.

Silica, limes stone and chemically combined sodium are the components of the regular glass that we often see. Now if you add lead to the common glass composition, which gives regular glass its weight and attractive brilliance and also it results to a much stronger and resistant stuff.

With all the above information in place, the Swarovski Company was able to create this special formula which gives their product unbelievable brilliance that is unparalleled by any other crystal manufacturers.

But aside form the brilliance, Swarovski has also mastered cutting and polishing methods to produce the finest crystal. Swarovski crystal is regarded as the highest value machine cut and polished crystal that no other companies can imitate ad up to now, the process that they use is still kept as a secret.

This kind of production, materials used and process of making the finest quality finish and brilliance of lead glass crystals makes it definitely more expensive than other crystal glasses. But compared to natural diamonds that are formed quite deep into the earth’s surface making them very, very difficult to obtain, a Swarovski crystal is a great and less expensive alternative in terms of adding sparkles to your jewelry.

You will find a lot of opposing opinions on whether to get a Swarovski or a diamond and maybe these comparisons will never end, so it’s really up to your personal taste and opinion as a buyer. Diamonds and Swarovski crystals both look great and to be honest, figuring out the difference between the two may be very difficult for an untrained eye.

Swarovski, as mentioned earlier has a wide range of brilliant products and the Swarovski Company now holds many subsidiaries. They have an impressive list of products that are very distinct from each other from cutting tools, reflective road safety products, binoculars, telescopes and then to sculptures, chandeliers and up to small figurines, collectibles and jewelry.

With its beauty, superb brilliance and superior quality, you will not go wrong in having a piece or two of a Swarovski. Swarovski jewelry will definitely add glamour, sparkle and style to any outfit you have.

As with any significant purchase you make, do you research and ask around to really see if a Swarovski crystal is for you and hopefully some of the information written here would be of great use. Once you have decided, make sure you get the Swarovski crystal of your dreams on your jewelry from trusted suppliers like

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