How to Customise Christmas Flash eCard on Your iPad

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You can send Katies Cards eCards from multiple devices these days. iPads and other tablet computers are ideal – the perfect screen size to really see what is going on, without being as big as a laptop or a desktop PC.

Customising Christmas Flash ecards on a tablet is the same as customising on anything else. Follow the instructions contained within card setup; nominate your intended recipients; and let your good wishes fly out in to the electronic night.

A Christmas ecard is an excellent way to stay in touch with family and friends from a variety of locations. You can maintain a simple email address list, either in a spreadsheet on your iPad or – in some cases – within the architecture of the ecard site you use to send your messages. When the time comes to get festive, simply pick the Katies Cards eCards you want to send and match them up with your email address list (wherever it is that you keep it). Then customise with your own greetings – being careful not to make a card too impersonal if you are sending it to multiple recipients), and hit send.

Some Christmas eCards are chargeable, others are free. Be aware that you may be charged to send some of the newest and best festive themed Katie’s Cards eCards, and budget accordingly. The last thing you want is to end up spending a fortune on eCards by mistake.

You should also be aware that the eCard is in and of itself a customised type of greeting. That is, not everyone will feel as good about receiving one as you might like. Older relatives, for instance, unless they are very computer savvy, are more likely to want a traditional card. So unless your eco conscience won’t let you have trees cut down and fuel burned to send something that’s only going in the bin after the 12 days are over, you might want to think about splitting your shopping between Katies Cards eCards and a more traditional way of expressing seasonal greetings.

Some eCards have more to them than just animations and sound. A customised Flash eCard may, for example, contain a festive fun game. These kinds of Katies Cards eCards are perfect for sending round to your office buddies or your contacts on the last day of work before Christmas. After all, nothing lightens the mood quite like playing a game when you should by rights be doing something more constructive!

There are plentyof animation styles, music styles and looks to choose from too. While some are more appropriate for office contacts (like the fun games just mentioned), others are more suited to family members.

One of the easiest ways to customise Katies Cards eCards on your iPad is to pick the right kind of music and animation style for the person to whom the card is being sent. For instance, while your nan is unlikely to appreciate playing a “turkey shoot” game, some of your friends might. As long as they’re notvegetarian of course!

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