The Road Ahead: Predicting the Oscars With the Golden Globes

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Award season is finally in full swing and the Golden Globes have netted us the first batch of big winners. Of course a lot of critics and commenters consider the Golden Globes as one of the main indicators of the way the Oscars might be going but between the Globes and the Academy Awards a lot might change in the way some films are viewed so let’s chart some of the Oscar nominees and see if they have any chance of standing up to the Golden Globe Winners.

The Academy Awards have had more nominees for the past few years and this year is no exception. The nominees for best picture include several movies that weren’t in the running at the Golden Globes. Chief amongst these is Beasts of the Southern Wilds, a fantastic movie that, in a perfect world would stand a great shot at an Oscar. Unfortunately the votes will likely come down to Lincoln and Argo with Zero Dark Thirty also in the running. Ben Affleck who has metamorphosed from action star to brilliant director in his past few movies that you should definitely watch  (Time Warner offers them through its on-line streaming site, for instance) took the Golden Globe. The Oscar voting pool is, however older and more open to grand cinematography so it is likely that Lincoln will get the Oscar.

In terms of Best Actor, both Joaquin Phoenix and Denzel Washington were absolutely brilliant in the Master and Flight respectively but it is highly unlikely that anybody else than Daniel Day-Lewis stands a chance at the Best Actor Award. His brilliant portrayal of Lincoln eclipses his two prior Oscar performances and his criminally underrated performance as Bill ‘the Butcher’ from Gangs of New York.

The Actress in a Leading Role is an interesting contest this year. The Golden Globe went to Jessica Chastain for her performance in Zero Dark Thirty but Jennifer Lawrence would also stand a good chance were it not for the former’s movie having such powerful direction and intrinsic meaning to most Americans. A more interesting nominee, and the one that should probably win is young Quvenzhané Wallis, the youngest nominee ever, for Beasts of the Southern Wilds. Her performance is hands down the best acting by a child actor ever caught on film and she deserves the recognition for it. It is, however more likely that Chastain will get the Oscar.

The Oscars will be on Sunday, February 24th so you still have time to make up your own mind by then. Whether this award season still has surprises in store for us or not, the Oscars are going to be more exciting than ever.

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